Sprouts Haul

Sprouts Market are “sprouting” all over the place! My father frequents this location, but I decided to give it a shot after he told me they were having a sale on those little tangerines I love so much. Upon my visit, I noticed this place is a mecca for vegan goods and groceries! More so than Trader Joes and Whole Foods (and surprisingly cheaper!)

So far I’ve tried the Sweet Earth Burritos, thankfully they have the yummiest vegan options Ever! I had the Kyoto and Curry Tiger. I got them on sale for $2.99 each (regular $3.49) My favorite was The Curry Tiger (19 GRAMS OF PROTEIN and only 360 calories!)currytiger

It’s very filling, and kept me full all day. It’s soooo yummy. I’m looking forward to going back to Sprouts and buying a dozen!

I also bought some Gardein Mandarin Chicken, tastes just like the ones from Trader Joe’s (but I think the one there is cheaper). It looks and tastes like chicken nuggets with an orange glaze. I bought the chicken tenders as well, but I haven’t made those yet!

I also found some clearance vegan items in the freezer section! I  bought vegan sloppy joes, burgers, and burgers. I am also excited to try the vegan mint chip ice cream I bought from Jolly Llama!